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Summer cravings are just around the corner.

As you prepare your summertime menu, be ready to shift to warmer weather flavors and include desserts that will satisfy the freshening appetites of your customers. Consumer top picks change with the temperature, according to a survey by flavor company FONA International. For spring and summer, fruit and berry desserts are winners, as are chocolate in any form and items that pair well with ice cream.

Berries are strong. Blackberries have been named flavor of the year by Swiss flavor company Firmenich, and blueberries show strong four-year growth, according to Datassential. Sweet Street Desserts offers a year ‘round favorite that sells beautifully in the warmer seasons---Summerberry Stack®. This dessert features bright berries strewn across citrus-flecked cake. Strawberries, perennial favorites, taste like summer in Sweet Street desserts, such as luscious Strawberry Brulée Cheesecake.

Lovely pastel Macarons are brimming with fruit flavors, including Strawberry Fields, Passion Fruit and Orange Lemonade. The pistachio is popular this year, according to ProChef SmartBrief, and Sweet Street offers a Toasted Pistachio Macaron as well.

Lemonade leads for summer, according to FONA International, and your menu can zing with citrus from Sweet Street. Meyer Lemon Bites and Lemonade Cake with Meyer Lemon Curd are just a two of the desserts from Sweet Street that have been created to showcase tangy and sophisticated citrusy flavors.

Chocolate is more popular than ever, says Datassential, “with 64% of restaurants offering chocolate desserts, up from nearly 53% in 2005.” With a deep bench of very chocolate brownies, chocolate cakes, rich blondies and a wide variety of gourmet bars, Sweet Street offers an opportunity for operators to pair with ice cream very profitably. Sweet Street’s Chocolate Bundt Sundae and inch-square Bites offer fashionable ways to serve ice cream.

With dessert consumption increasing, according to, operators are stocking up. You can have fun too. Call us at 1-800-793-3897.

  • Blackberry Cabernet Individual Cheese

    Blackberry Cabernet Individual Cheese

    Vine-ripened blackberries are crushed and blended with fruity, floral California cabernet for complex and multilayered sweetness with a whisper of acidity.
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  • Caramel Apple Cheesecake Xango

    Caramel Apple Cheesecake Xango

    Sweet, tart, Crispin apples swirled in buttery, salted caramel layered atop our creamy cheesecake; wrapped in our flaky pastry. Fried crispy and golden, dipped in cinnamon sugar, cut on the bias.
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  • Sweet & Salty Blondie Bites

    Sweet & Salty Blondie Bites

    Our chewy, buttery sea salt, blondie is full of both butterscotch and chocolate chips, walnut pieces, shredded coconut and kettle fried potato chips.
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  • Summerberry Stack

    Summerberry Stack

    Bright berries strewn across citrus flecked cake aswirl with cool tart key lime and creamy white chocolate cheese. So cool, times two on a buttery crunch layered with vibrant raspberry. A look that plays across the seasons.
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  • Chocolate On Chocolate Big Baby Bundts

    Chocolate On Chocolate Big Baby Bundts

    A killer ...moist dark chocolate cake full of chocolate chips, all enrobed in creamy dark chocolate.
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  • Meyer Lemon Bites

    Meyer Lemon Bites

    Bright and buttery with melt-in-your-mouth crust, our bites marry the tanginess of fresh lemon with the mellow mandarin edge of Meyer Lemon.
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  • Macaron


    Our macaroons are two demi-spheres of the lightest almond meringue toned pastel shades to represent their wonderful flavors...sandwiched around our intensely flavored cream.
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