Are there GMO’s in your desserts and how do you test for them?

Among many milestones, we have eliminated GMO’s from key ingredients, throughout our entire bakery making our desserts free of GMO’s except for a few that use branded candies. All desserts in our Manifesto product line are free of GMO’s.

Non-GMO-  The terms “NON-GMO” and “GMO Free” mean that the ingredients do not contain genetically modified organisms created through bioengineering and are free of genetically modified or engineered DNA. Food in its purest, unadulterated form. While there is currently no mandated tolerance level for gmo’s in the US, we hold ourselves to the highest standard available via lab testing. All of our Manifesto desserts have been sent to a 3rd party laboratory for analysis and all test negative for GMO components to .01%

We choose to use ingredients that are not genetically modified. If a crop is at “high risk” of being genetically modified, such as corn, soy and sugar beet, we source the non-genetically modified version and obtain statements and documentation from our Suppliers. We regularly conduct voluntary testing to ensure, to the best of our knowledge, that our products and ingredients do not contain any genetically modified materials. All current analysis documents can be found on our website.

Are there trans fats in your products?

Sweet Street Desserts does not use any fats or margarines that contain artificial trans fats in any of our products.

Are your desserts Kosher?

Our products are Kosher Dairy (KD) with the exception of a few products. Click here for a copy of our Kosher Letter.

Do you offer any Gluten Free desserts on your website?

Yes! Visit our Gluten Free product category to view these luscious options. Items identified as Certified Gluten Free, our certified by NSF.

All other items are gluten-free based on ingredient composition for use with a gluten-free lifestyle choice. They are produced in a facility that uses wheat in other products, therefore are not suitable for a medically necessary gluten-free diet.

Is Allergen information available for your products?

Yes. We provide ingredient statements for each of our desserts. The ingredient and allergen information can be found on each desserts product detail page, simply click on Product Details.

Sweet Street desserts are manufactured in a facility that processes nuts/peanuts.

Where are your desserts made?

Our desserts are manufactured at our headquarters in Reading, PA or our Greenville, SC bakery location.

Where do I get ingredient and handling information for your desserts?

For specific product ingredient statements and handling information, you can access tipsheets from the product page. Simply click on Product Details, a document will open in another browser that contains all ingredient, nutritional and handling information.

You can view the grid below for a basic overview of handling instructions for our desserts. All desserts are best kept covered in refrigerator away from from the door and from foods with strong odors. If dessert is shrink-wrapped, always remove prior to defrosting.