Goodness To-Go

Image of bake-off cookies in to-go bag. With the boom of third party delivering services like Seamless, Grub Hub and Uber Eats, it’s no surprise that the demand for restaurant delivery continues to rise. Food delivery is up 28% from last year and is projected to grow 12% per year over the next 5 years.* Now, serving dessert on-the-go is easier than ever before. We have worked with our vendors to create a quick-reference guide of the most innovative and beautifully designed to-go packaging to maintain the desserts integrity and extend their shelf-life. And it so happens that some of our desserts are individually wrapped making them ideal for goodness a go-go!

Click here to download the to-go packaging brochure.


On average, consumers purchase takeout 5.5 times per month.** By adding the Sweet Street products already in your freezer, to these orders you will:Image containing statistic: 60% of operators say offering delivery has generated incremental sales.

  • capture additional revenue
  • maximize your current dessert offerings
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • maximize your profit potential


Sweet Street Manifesto Desserts Cardboard Display on Bakery Counter.As takeout occasions and on-the-go eating continue to increase so does the consumers demand for cleaner, more wholesome offerings. At Sweet Street, our entire product line (with the exception of desserts using branded candies) are free of gmo’s. And we’ve taken our passion to bake cleaner, more wholesome desserts to a new level with our Manifesto® line of cookies, bars and individually wrapped treats. Every batch starts with all-butter, pure-cane-sugar and cage-free-egg cookie dough and promises ingredients that are non-GMO, additive free and sustainable.

Individual Cake Slice in to-go container with repack labels. We make enjoying great desserts on-the-go easier than ever. Now available are these FREE resources to take your to-go dessert game to the next level:

  • Repack labels with nutritional information and bar codes
  • Bakery Bags and Boxes
  • Counter top displays
  • Box stickers

Visit the Merchandising and Menu Tools section of SweetStreet.com to order your FREE to-go materials today.

2 cookies, handcrafted pretzels and Xango in to-go bags.

*Technomic, March 2018

**Technomic, 2017