Sweet Street eliminates GMOs from its product portfolio

August 22, 2018    READING, PA—Sweet Street, the nation’s leading manufacturer of gourmet desserts, has announced that virtually all of the company’s offerings are now non-GMO. The few exceptions are products that feature “branded candy” from other manufacturers.

Sweet Street’s commitment to baking cleaner, more wholesome desserts began over 10 years ago, when the company began to notice hidden preservatives and additives in many of the ingredients it sourced. Sweet Street then decided to take back control of ingredient integrity and quality—while matching taste, texture and function on over 300 desserts featuring 500+ ingredients.

2 slices of Blueberry Oat Pullman

Blueberry Oat Pullman

A major milestone for Sweet Street came in 2016 with the introduction of the company’s Manifesto® line of cookies and bars. All Manifesto® products are non-GMO and made without artificial colors and flavors—and each batch starts with all-butter dough, pure cane sugar and only cage-free eggs.

Today, new products continue to expand Sweet Street’s portfolio of cleaner, more wholesome offerings. One example is the Farmer’s Market Blueberry Oat Pullman. Full of fresh Maine blueberries, yogurt, and rolled oats it’s also non-GMO and contains no artificial colors or ingredients.

To learn more about Sweet Street’s commitment to ingredient integrity, contact the company at 800-793-3897 or www.sweetstreet.com.

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Sweet Street was born in 1979, when founder Sandy Solmon began baking oversized chocolate chip cookies in a 2-bay garage in Reading, Pennsylvania. Today, Sweet Street is the leading innovator in the dessert industry, baking for restaurants and cafes in over 60 countries, on every continent. The Company’s commitment to community, passion for artful food and dedication to quality remain the motivation behind every creation. Sweet Street offers over 400 luscious gourmet desserts from big cakes to brulee’d cheesecakes and macarons, dessert bars to loaves, and of course, Sandy’s legendary cookies.  Learn more by visiting www.sweetstreet.com or contacting your broker or distributor.