Our Manifesto®? Clean can still be filthy delicious

Just how much of an impact can clean ingredient labels make on the purchase decision? Consider this stat from foodinsiderjournal.com: according to specialty PR agency Ingredient Communications, 73% of consumers are willing to pay a higher retail price for a food or drink product made with ingredients they recognize and trust.

Of course, it takes more than just a clean label to build a following of dedicated and passionate fans. After all, a product’s quality and flavor are what ultimately keep consumers coming back for it again and again.

At Sweet Street, we’ve spent no less than a decade charting our course into the clean landscape. It all began when we first started noticing hidden preservatives and additives in our food supply chain. We made a decision to collectively take back control, using our industry leadership to convince some of the largest ingredient suppliers to change their ways. The challenge was to match flavor and function of ingredients in our 300+ dessert portfolio, all while delivery that signature quality and flavor our customers demand.

The result of our efforts is the Manifesto® line of treats, made with ingredients that are clean and GMO free. Every batch of our Manifesto® bake-off cookies starts with all-butter dough, pure cane sugar and only cage-free eggs. Additionally, all Manifesto® chocolates are sustainably grown by farmers dedicated to protecting their land for future generations.

All of that luscious goodness has not gone unnoticed—by consumers or by the industry. We were thrilled to see our Manifesto® IW Cookies and Bars and Manifesto® Bake-Off Cookies both win 2017 Food and Beverage (FABI) Awards, which recognize innovative food and beverage products that make a significant impact in the restaurant industry.

But the real reward is seeing the look on a dessert lover’s face after that first bite into a Manifesto® cookie or bar. That’s when everyone fully appreciates the fact that wholesome and clean can still be filthy delicious.

Visit the Manifesto® product page to explore all of the decadent possibilities.