Manifesto Desserts- Treat Yo Self!

Time to Think of You

The past couple months you’ve only been thinking of others and now it’s finally time to think of yourself and what you would enjoy this holiday season. It’s a wonderful time of the year to indulge in sweet delights, but guiltless treats are the best way to enjoy yourself now. Take time to experience Sweet Street’s individually wrapped Manifesto all-natural Cookies and Bars.

You Won’t Know What’s Missing

Every batch of freshly baked Manifesto desserts is made from simple ingredients befitting of your pantry. Mixed with only pure cane sugar, cage-free eggs and sustainably grown chocolates, these gourmet desserts are deserving of their two Food and Beverage Innovation Awards for breakthrough, cleaner desserts. These treats are so delectable you won’t know what’s missing, but we’ll tell you — there are no artificial colors, flavorings, high-fructose corn syrup, trans fat or alcohol.

It’s the most wonderful time to try Peruvian Chocolate Manifesto Brownies.

It’s the most wonderful time to try Peruvian Chocolate Manifesto Brownies.

Satisfy Your Chocolate Craving

If you’re a chocolate lover, then take a moment to enjoy the individually wrapped Peruvian Chocolate ManifestoBrownie, with an intense, full-bodied chocolate delivery, dense and fudgy with a chewy crust…all of the comfort we know and love grown up, a brownie like no other. And with these individually wrapped delights you’ll be sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Now Get Your Sweet Treat

After shopping, cooking and thinking of others, it’s time you think of yourself. Experience the power of good food, shared. To enjoy these wholesome and delicious indulgences, visit the Manifesto products page on our website.