Fire-Up the Fryer for Dessert

Frying might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about dessert preparation methods. But the fact is, some of the world’s most iconic sweet treats begin in the deep fryer.

Consider the beignets served in the French Quarter of New Orleans, made with deep-fried choux pastry and sprinkled on top with the finest powdery white sugar you can imagine. Magnifique! Other cultures have their own fried-dough traditions, from the Mexican churro, to the Greek loukoumade, to the Italian zeppole.

Of course, you need only go to your local fair, carnival or stadium to find a more familiar version of these deep-fried delights. The funnel cake is as much of an American culinary institution to some folks as hot dogs and apple pie.

Crispy Bread Puddin’ Bites

With all due respect to the funnel cake, Sweet Street offers a slightly more sophisticated take with our Vanilla Crispy Bread Puddin’ Bites. These bite-sized treats feature a jacket of crispy goodness on the outside, balanced by a soft and luscious center.

In addition to creating crispy, craveable textures, frying serves another fortuitous purpose for dessert lovers: forming a flaky shell that can hold sweet goodies inside. This is another way in which Sweet Street chooses to celebrate the goodness of deep-fried desserts.

Original Cheesecake Xango

Original Cheesecake Xango

Our Xangos® individual desserts feature flaky pastry tortillas that fry up crispy and golden—all to deliver amazing flavor experiences within. Original Cheesecake Xangos® feature rich, smooth cheesecake with a slightly tangy finish. While Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Xangos® delight with their white chocolate cheesecake, dulce-flavored cheesecake and pockets of gooey dulce de leche caramel. An additional flavor option is Banana Caramel Cheesecake Xangos®.

Craveable crispiness. Soft and doughy centers. And  delicious fillings. All tantalizing reasons to explore the lusciousness of fried desserts.