Shareable Desserts…Enough Lusciousness To Go Around

A restaurant table is an open invitation for people to gather together and share. Good times. Spirited conversation. And of course, great food.

The dessert occasion is particularly ideal for sharing, as the rich and enticing flavors are even sweeter when enjoyed in the company of friends and loved ones. Not surprisingly, this creates a great opportunity to offer larger dessert formats that are easily shared among multiple guests.

Sweet Street offers many dessert options that are worthy of the “extra-large” moniker, by virtue of both their actual size and their mega lusciousness. So explore some of the decadent possibilities—and make sure you grab enough forks and plates for everyone.

 Skillet Cookies

Skillet Cookies from Sweet Street bring cookie lovers together for a shareable, craveable and simply irresistible new kind of cookie experience. Every skillet cookie is uniquely crafted to caramelize when freshly baked, serving up a warm moment of goodness to be savored by all who are lucky enough to get a bite of it.

Three irresistible varieties are available: Sandy’s Amazing Chocolate Chunk Skillet Cookie and the Salted Caramel Crunch Skillet Cookie.Cookie-Pie Rave Brochure Cover

Cookie-Pie Rave™

Another uniquely shareable experience, the Cookie-Pie Rave™ from Sweet Street packs enough blissfulness for the entire table to enjoy. These colossal 8-inch caramelized offerings come prebaked and ready to serve, perfect either as is or topped with ice cream and your favorite sauces.

Sweet Street offers two intensely flavorful options: the Salted Caramel Crunch Cookie-Pie Rave™ and Sandy’s Amazing Chocolate Chunk Cookie-Pie Rave™.

Sweetness is best shared. And Sweet Street is second to none when it comes bringing people together over dessert.