The Many Luscious Layers of Cake Explored

For many of us, the wonderful allure of cake began on our first birthday. Mom or dad put a sweet treat within reaching distance of our curious little fingers and encouraged us to dig in to our wild delight.

In that same spirit of curiosity, now seems like a great time to delve into some fun facts about this universally loved dessert offering.

For instance, do you know why cakes are so often round? According to foodtimeline.org, it’s due in large part to the ancient bread from which cake descended. Since both foods were made by hand, they were typically formed into round balls and then baked on hearthstones or in low, shallow pans. Another explanation is the fact that cake was often used in religious ceremonies, and the round shape symbolized the cyclical nature of life.

Meanwhile, did you know that the term “icing” dates back to the early 1,600s? It refers to the process in which powdered sugar and other ingredients began to be applied to cake, creating a hardened layer of “ice” after baking in an oven.Four High Carrot Cake Slice Image

Here’s one we’re sure you already know: who elevates cake to a whole new level of lusciousness? The answer is Sweet Street, of course. And we offer almost as many delectable varieties as there are reasons to love cake.

To perhaps no one’s surprise, chocolate is one of our favorites for creating the kind of cake that’ll tempt anyone to skip the entrée and go straight for dessert. Our Choc’late Lovin’ Spoon Cake® and Molten Chocolate Cake are both delectable riffs on this ever-popular cake flavor.

Additional Sweet Street cake offerings include luscious homages to a host of classic flavors. Our Salted Caramel Vanilla Crunch Cake is a one-two punch of savory and sweet goodness. Our Four High Carrot Cake is a tower of nutty and sweet temptation. And our Red Velvet Cake is a delightful interpretation of a flavor profile that continues to gain in popularity.

Explore the Sweet Street website for even more irresistible cake offerings—and get ready to dig in with a fork, a spoon or even both hands.

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