The Magic of Chocolate Discovered

Over the past few years on this blog, we’ve often delved into the many wonderful attributes of chocolate (taking a fork, a spoon and even a straw with us along the way). It’s easy to justify all the attention. Chocolate remains the top dessert flavor1—and just the mere mention of the word takes most people to a luscious place full of fond memories.

So why not delve even deeper and explore what makes chocolate so irresistible in the first place? It all starts with the cacao bean. After fermenting, drying and roasting, cacao beans are liquefied to create cocoa powder and cocoa butter. These are the building blocks of all things chocolate. Dark chocolate is made with a high percentage of cocoa butter, while milk chocolate gets its sweeter flavor from the addition of sugar and, of course, milk.

On a more molecular level, scientists will tell you that chocolate triggers certain feel-good reactions in the brain. Not to overwhelm you with the chemistry, but apparently we have substances such as tryptophan, serotonin and phenylethamine to thank for our intense love of a rich chocolate cake.

Peruvian Chocolate Manifesto Brownie

Peruvian Chocolate Manifesto Brownie

As you can imagine, there are many wonderful Sweet Street desserts that begin with the magical goodness of the cacao bean. Our Molten Chocolate Cake is meant to be served warm, unleashing an exhilarating rush of “molten” chocolate as you dig in with a fork.

Most recently we’ve introduced our Manifesto™ line, which features offerings made with clean, wholesome ingredients and no GMOs. The Peruvian Chocolate Manifesto™ Brownie, Just Chocolate Manifesto™ Cookie and Sandy’s Amazing Chocolate Chunk Manifesto™ Cookie are all sure to put a smile on any chocolate lover’s face.

Chocolate by any measure is magical. And with a few special touches from Sweet Street, the magic takes on a whole new level of lusciousness.

1Mintel Menu Category Report: Desserts, July 2015