Skip the forks and spoons—serve these desserts with a straw.

Keeping your dessert menu innovative and fresh sometimes calls for a little outside-the-box thinking. Or maybe a better way to put it is: a little inside-the-glass thinking. Yes, it’s time to consider all the luscious possibilities of drinkable desserts.

The most classic of all drinkable desserts is, of course, the milkshake. And while it’s not particularly innovative on its own merits, what you add to a milkshake can take this dessert experience to a whole new level of sophistication.

Sweet Street desserts blend deliciously into shakes—from our cakes and pies to our cookies and bars. And the options range from alcohol-free treats to booze-infused bliss. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the liquidy possibilities.


Mixing in pieces of a Sweet Street cake or pie is the easiest way to add intrigue to a drinkable dessert. Consider the Big Chocolate Cake as the perfect counterbalance to a vanilla shake. Or, add a taste of Americana with our Big Apple Pie.

The fact is, almost any baked Sweet Street dessert can be featured in a milkshake, and you can spin it any way you like depending on the desired flavor profile.


According to research from Datassential, 32% of consumers are interested in dessert-alcohol infusions. And we’re confident that 100% of those consumers will find the following concoctions simply irresistible.

Shake Yo Honey Maker

Bucktown Dirty Blonde

Mommies Little Helper Lemonade

Note: you can turn each of these recipes into non-alcoholic versions as well by simply removing the alcohol.

Whether you want to appeal to adults only or young and old alike, adding drinkable desserts is a great way to mix things up on your menu.

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