June 6, 2016  Reading, PA Sweet Street is known worldwide as the leading innovator in the dessert industry, baking for restaurants and cafés in over 60 countries, on every continent. Rooted in Sandy Solmon’s, Founder and CEO of Sweet Street Desserts, longstanding personal commitment to eating naturally, the Company has once again reinvented itself with a new line of innovative, clean ingredient bake-off cookies dubbed “Manifesto™”.

Sweet Street’s passionately perfected Manifesto™ Cookies are an all-butter, hormone-free, non-GMO, sustainable chocolate, and sea salt reinvention delivered in a form only imagined in childhood. Passionate about their ingredients, their Manifesto™ proclaims unwavering commitment to sourcing ingredients free of GMO’s, additives and preservatives, the use of pure cane sugar, sustainable chocolates, cage-free and free range eggs and the support of local dairy farms.

“Our work to bake cleaner, more wholesome desserts began over 10 years ago,” shares Sandy “and we have stayed the course, using our stature as innovators, to educate, convince and sometimes cajole some of the largest ingredient suppliers’ to change their path. As our commitment to being relentless advocates for our customers strengthens, we are proud to be an agent of change in making our food supply wholesome.”

With 8 decadently wholesome flavors to be enjoyed, each bite of a Manifesto Cookie is truly a pure indulgence to feel good about.  From their Sandy’s Amazing Chocolate Chunk Manifesto Cookie, rich with giant morsels of chocolate sustainably grown in the Peruvian Andes, then melded into a brown butter caramelized chewy-crisp edged wonder to the Salted Caramel Crunch Manifesto Cookie; salty sweet perfection that plays hopscotch across your tongue. Each bite filled with all-natural toffee and specially made GMO free pretzels for added crunch.

About Sweet Street

Sweet Street Desserts, www.sweetstreet.com, was born in 1979, when founder Sandy Solmon began baking oversized chocolate chip cookies in a 2-bay garage in Reading, Pennsylvania. Today, Sweet Street is the leading innovator in the dessert industry, baking for restaurants and cafes in over 60 countries, on every continent. The Company’s commitment to community, passion for artful food and dedication to quality remain the motivation behind every creation. Sweet Street offers over 400 luscious gourmet desserts from big cakes to brulee’d cheesecakes and macarons, dessert bars to loaves, and of course, Sandy’s legendary cookies. Amazed by the power of good food shared, Sandy’s collaborative experiences inspired her to open Café Sweet Street, in Reading, PA. A locavore concept, Café Sweet Street features made-from-scratch lunches from pure, locally sourced ingredients.