Desserts with fruits: one more reason to love summer.

It only makes sense that desserts with fruits are most popular during the summertime. For starters, favorite dessert fruits such as lemons and berries are at their peak of freshness in the favorable warm weather. What’s more, their zest and tanginess add a refreshingly light flavor profile that perfectly complements the season.

Lemon Manifesto Bar

Lemon Manifesto Bar

So what’s the best way to highlight fruit on your dessert menu? Let’s start with lemons. Sweet Street offers several products that entice dessert lovers with the allure of this citrus superstar. Our Lemon Cake with Meyer Lemon Curd uses lemonade as its inspiration, layering cool lemon mousseline between the lemon cake and Meyer lemon curd.

Meanwhile, our new Manifesto™ line of cookies and bars also includes offerings that lead with refreshing lemon flavor. Take our Lemon Blueberry Manifesto™ Cookie and Lemon Manifesto™ Bar for example. In addition to their lemony lusciousness, these products offer the added benefits of wholesome, clean-ingredient sourcing—with no GMO’s or additives.

Now let’s bring berries into the mix. Sweet Street’s ever-popular Summerberry Stack® features bright berries strewn across citrus-flecked cake aswirl with cool, tart key lime and creamy white chocolate cheese. There’s no better way to let your patrons celebrate all that is good about summertime.

Fruit remains the third most popular dessert ingredient overall, according to Mintel.1 And when you add the timeliness of the warm summer season, featuring desserts with fruits is a natural.

Get your dessert menu set for summertime with luscious offerings from Sweet Street.

Source:                   1Mintel Foodservice Menu Category Report: Desserts, July 2015