A Few More Irresistible Reasons to Adore Chocolate

Chocolate is the leading baked-good flavor in the top 500 limited- and full-service restaurants. It’s also the leading pudding flavor and top solo ice cream flavor, according to Technomic MenuMonitor. In MenuTrends DIRECT, Datassential reports that 64.7% of all restaurants feature chocolate—a percentage way beyond other flavors. But you already knew that. Just had to look at your own menu.

How did chocolate get to be homecoming flavor queen? It tastes marvelous. It carries reward associations from childhood. And because it is now accepted as good for you—decreasing stroke risks (HealthDay), improving blood flow (Harvard), even helps with math (Daily Telegraph, UK)—chocolate straddles the boundaries between rich indulgence and healthful antioxidant, polling at the peak of popularity, where it seems to have set up summit camp.

The challenge for restaurateurs is to not disappoint. Customers are now veterans of many chocolate excursions. The burgeoning millennials are explorers and have tried chocolate many ways. They know the difference between chocolate artfully incorporated into desserts and those that skate by. It is not good to skate by because a craved dessert can pull in dinner business.

Chocolate in the hands of Sweet Street Desserts is always perfection, learned from 35 years of creating luscious recipes. One popular classic is Molten Chocolate Cake, deeply chocolate, enrobed in chocolate and filled with a dark chocolate truffle, which melts when heated to a fabulous sauce. Another favorite is the Choc’late Lovin’ Spoon Cake®, a giant mouthful of chocolate pudding between two layers of dark, moist chocolate-drenched chocolate cake.

The Individual Flourless Chocolate Cake is not only the little black dress of desserts, but also gluten-free, helping celiacs and those who opt out of gluten by choice enjoy a rich, chocolate experience.

Sweet Street incorporates chocolate in a wide variety of creative presentations. The Chocolate Peanut Butter Stack features a sweet and salty peanut butter crunch layer and buttery caramel amid a brownie-cake hybrid. Speaking of brownies, Sweet Street offers Brownie Bites with satisfying chocolate flavor in magnificent one-inch bites, great for bar treats and other pursuits.

Choc'late Lovin' Spoon Cake is a giant mouthful of chocolate pudding between two layers of dark, moist, chocolate-drenched chocolate cake.

Choc’late Lovin’ Spoon Cake is a giant mouthful of chocolate pudding between two layers of dark, moist, chocolate-drenched chocolate cake.

Sweet Street Desserts to Celebrate the Re-Opening of their Café Concept

Amazed at the power of good food shared, Sweet Street expands to the front of the house.


Reading, PA, October 14, 2014 – Sweet Street Desserts is known worldwide as the leading innovator in the dessert industry, baking for restaurants and cafés in over 60 countries, on every continent. Rooted in Sandy Solmon’s, Founder and CEO of Sweet Street Desserts, principles that luscious and craveable foods have no bounds, the Company has once again reinvented itself with the opening of Café Sweet Street. Located at the bakery’s headquarters on Hiesters Lane in Reading, PA Café Sweet Street is committed to the power of good food shared and in this spirit is inviting the public to their ribbon cutting celebration on October 29th, from 7am -3pm.

A locavore concept, Café Sweet Street, offers spectacular breakfast and lunch menus featuring made-from-scratch signature dishes all from pure, locally sourced ingredients including the Cafes very own herb garden. Chef Brendan Jones, Café Sweet Street Chef and General Manager, infuses a contemporary twist on favorite dishes. Guests can enjoy handcrafted breakfast sandwiches and freshly prepared omelets, choosing from ingredients such as farm fresh eggs from Taproot Farms, a variety of mushrooms including Blue Gray Oyster from Primordia Mushroom Farm all while enjoying a freshly brewed pour over cup of Organic Deadman’s Reach® coffee.

Mid-day, Café Sweet Street provides a lunchtime oasis for patrons. Many of which are regulars, and do not stray from ordering the signature California Turkey sandwich with avocado, sweet pea shoots, and roasted red pepper pesto on grilled whole grain bread or the popular build-your-own salad option with a foundation of organic greens, topped with their favorite fresh, all natural produce from B&H Organic Produce and Epic Acre Farms. Handmade sodas such as cucumber and mint, are served aplenty as a refreshing compliment to a cup of homemade Grandma’s Chicken Noodle soup.

A true destination, Café Sweet Street’s welcoming atmosphere is complete with industrial-chic design, sites of modern, locally commissioned artwork further accented by the variety of wood and metal materials that adorn the inside, not to mention the fragrant aromas of freshly baked croissants which are sliced for signature sandwiches and a stunning display of gourmet desserts. On summer days, the warm sunshine draws you outside to the newest feature of the Café. The terrace which was inspired by The High Line in New York City, dons a cement floor with aggregate glass, large patio umbrellas, cable railings and living green screen for sectional privacy. A Marra Forni pizza oven takes center stage, as freshly baked pizzas are made-to-order and served in a flash.

“Café Sweet Street provides us with a unique opportunity to engage with our neighbors in the community. Additionally, it gives us a deeper understanding and appreciation for what our global foodservice customers are challenged with every day in their own restaurants.” says Sandy Solmon. “The Café gives us a place to test products and really find out what motivates people.”

The Café Sweet Street, www.cafesweetstreet.com, event on October 29th is open to the public and will feature door prizes, local entertainment, samplings of the Cafes most popular dishes from 7am-3pm, as well as a popup Farmers Market featuring the Cafés local suppliers.

About Sweet Street Desserts
Sweet Street Desserts, www.sweetstreet.com,, was born in 1979, when founder Sandy Solmon began baking oversized chocolate chip cookies in a 2-bay garage in Reading, Pennsylvania. Today, Sweet Street is the leading innovator in the dessert industry, baking for restaurants and cafes in over 60 countries, on every continent. The Company’s commitment to community, passion for artful food and dedication to quality remain the motivation behind every creation. Sweet Street offers over 400 luscious gourmet desserts from big cakes to brulee’d cheesecakes and macarons, dessert bars to loaves, and of course, Sandy’s legendary cookies. “Desserts open doors, hearts and conversations.” has been Sandy’s mantra. Her collaborative experiences inspired her, and now Sandy is also the CEO for Café Sweet Street and The Sweet Street Mobile Art Kitchen. A locavore concept, Café Sweet Street features made-from-scratch lunches from pure, locally sourced ingredients. Her latest project, The Sweet Street Mobile Art Kitchen, is a Paris-based food truck characterized by delectable baked goods, healthy foods, and handmade beverages. It is designed to use technology to benefit communities, support art, and leverage forward thinking solutions. Questions can be directed to Brendan Jones at 610-921-8113 or Brendan.jones@sweetstreet.com. For more information, visit www.cafesweetstreet.com or http://www.facebook.com/CafeSweetStreet